FPV Manuals Launches Beta is launching in an early Beta.  Sign up, log in, check things out.  Did you research how to wire your LRS into your transmitter and think others may want to do the same thing?  Well, post it here! Add pictures, videos, etc. to your manuals to make them easy to understand.  Come back later and see comments and questions posted about your manual.

There are plenty of RC forums around, FPVLab being one of the new up-and-commers, but often times finding specific information about how to do something can get complicated and time-consuming.  Reading through “build logs”, while fun and interesting, is not always the step-by-step information you’re looking for.

FPV Manuals tries to provide a permanent record of the 100+ page forum threads that dissect how to do something in detail and distills it down into a condensed yet detailed manual.  No banter, no hackling, just the information.  This site is only as good as the manuals the community will post and maintain here.  FPV is a complicated hobby with lots of gear, choices, building, etc.  You can help by adding to FPV Manuals and become an “author” with full publishing rights after you have submitted your first manual.

Join FPV Manuals today and get crackin’.