Founder of FPV Manuals and GetFPV launches Lumenier

Tim Nilson, the founder of FPV Manuals LLC (http://fpvmanuals.com) and GetFPV (http://getfpv.com), launches new high-quality FPV equipment company Lumenier (http://lumenier.com).

Lumenier will consolidate all of the well established products that have previously been released under the fpvmanuals brand. These products include leading FPV multi-rotor airframes such as the QAV400 and QAV500, quality multi-rotor motors such as the FM-4006, as well as accessories such as the LayerLens GoPro lens protection products. Over the coming weeks, Lumenier will release a line-up of new FPV products such as fine FPV flight cameras, Ground-station Monitors, Lipo Batteries, FPV electronics, and accessories.

TEAM LUMENIER: Lumenier has established “Team Lumenier” which will assemble some of the world’s best FPV pilots under a professional sponsorship program. The lead pilots for Team Lumenier are Australian multi-rotor pilot Justin Welander, aka “Juz”, and Robert Hotchkiss, aka “MidwestRob”. Team Lumenier pilots will fly Lumenier airframes and showcase them in stunning FPV aerial videos. Robert Hotchkiss said “Lumenier multi-rotor airframes are perfect for capturing amazingly smooth FPV video footage. I’m excited and honored to be part of the new Team Lumenier program.” Lumenier’s airframes can already be seen in over 1,000 YouTube videos put together by FPV pilots all over the world in stunning, vibration free HD clarity. “Team Lumenier” will be a platform to highlight the best pilots, airframes, flight controllers, and other FPV accessories. Watch the premiere of the first Team Lumenier video piloted by Juz at http://lumenier.com

QAV540G RELEASE: Lumenier starts shipping the QAV540G, one of the world’s first quadcopter airframes with integrated brushless camera gimbal for GoPro cameras. The QAV540G will make stabilized GoPro aerial videography a lot more accessible and affordable compared to what was previously only available in much larger, more complex and expensive packages. QAV540G pre-orders have begun to ship.

FPV Manuals will continue to exist as a blog focused on FPV information, manuals, and news.

Lumenier produdcts will be distributed on a retail and wholesale basis by GetFPV. For more information, please visit Lumenier’s new website at http://lumenier.com