FPV Manuals Relaunch Announcement.

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the relaunch of the legendary FPV Manuals website! As an early keystone within our industry, the original FPV Manuals was launched in March of 2011 by Tim Nilson, the founder and CEO of GetFPV and Lumenier. The FPV Manuals site was conceived as a comprehensive repository of information, tutorials and news about our wonderful hobby. Fed up with the lack of easy-to-understand and comprehensive info available to him about our sport, Tim wanted to create a website containing everything from product manuals and how-to’s to industry news and legislation. Shortly after creating the website, Tim also started GetFPV and Lumenier. As these pioneering companies began to grow exponentially, FPV Manuals was updated less and less frequently and eventually took a backseat to Tim’s passion for product development and business management. GetFPV and Lumenier began to grow very rapidly and Tim’s focus shifted primarily to establishing and developing his position as the worlds leading provider of FPV gear as well as maintaining his commitment to exceptional customer service and product support. FPV Manuals would have to wait.

…Until right now. Today, FPV Manuals is coming back and we intend to be better than ever before. As FPV Racing continues to take over the world, we at FPV Manuals find that it is still very difficult to find high-quality, helpful information about this hobby. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or brand new to the hobby, we will have something for you. Our sport is growing at an incredible rate and we believe that it’s extremely important, now more than ever, to create and maintain helpful and well-organized FPV resources accessible to all experience and skill levels. FPV Manuals, GetFPV and Lumenier has been there since the beginning and, over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two. We want to share that knowledge with you.

Our goal with the all-new FPV Manuals is to provide you with up-to-date resources and information for a variety of our products as well as helpful tips, tricks and how-to guides to help you get in the air faster and stay in the air longer. It’s a well known fact that Lumenier and GetFPV sponsor only the best pilots in the world and we know you want to hear more about their equipment, set-up and secrets. Well guess what? We intend to give it to you! Stay tuned to the site for pilot profiles, interviews, live Q&A sessions and more.

We work for you, the FPV community, and we strive to be your one-stop-shop for FPV news, reviews, tips, tricks and event coverage. Your feedback is very important to achieving that goal. Please do not hesitate to contact us and thank you so much for stopping by! We look forward to doing everything we possibly can to help you have fun, enjoy the hobby and maybe learn a thing or two in the process.

The FPV Manuals Team

  • krustyb12

    I look fwd to reading more…

  • gozer the destructor

    Will it fit on my new razor quad?

    • Tim Steele

      Did you mean to comment on the Connex Mini for Drone Racing?
      If so, hopefully we’ll know more about the size on the 10th.

  • Klem Keely

    I suggest focusing on better shipping, doing it like RMRC.

  • Sean Wendland

    I think FPV by it’s nature and culture comes from subversion and exploration. It thrives only in a place without boundaries. The idea that one place can be the catch all or be-all/end-all of FPV info, is foolishly against the constructs of it’s culture and behavioral nature.

    • Tim S.

      I agree with you Sean. As an organization that handles thousands of FPV and RC related questions per month, we’re hoping to share what we have learned in constructive way. I personally am really excited about all the new technology being developed, talented pilots being discovered and especially being able to share all of this with the community.

  • Really looking forward to more to come from you guys. Keep it up.