About Us

In March of 2011, the original FPV Manuals website was launched by Tim Nilson. As one of the early pioneers of this hobby, Tim had a vision for a website that would forever change the FPV community. Fed up with the quality of the products available at the time and the overall lack of information about said products, he decided to do something about it. FPV Manuals began it’s life in Tim’s New York City apartment. As the product of one mans effort, day after day was spent creating manuals for existing products, refining those products and dreaming up new ones altogether. As traffic on the site began to increase and interest in the various gear and topics covered reached a fever pitch, Tim quickly realized that the next necessary step was to create a store front to sell all of the high-quality gear that he was creating. Gear like the legendary QAV500, an air frame that helped to define our hobby.  It was at this moment that Tim decided it was time to resign from his position at Sony, pack up his family and relocate to sunny Sarasota, Florida to pursue his dream of providing the best FPV equipment in the business to the fledgling community.

And just like that, GetFPV was born.

Soon after moving down to Sarasota, Tim launched Lumenier alongside GetFPV, forever reshaping the face of our industry and our beloved hobby. After a short while, Tim connected with Andy Graber. Andy was responsible for inspiring Tim to create a smaller airframe and thus, the venerable QAV250 was born.  For the last 3 years, Andy has been Tim’s main collaborator with regard to product development and company expansion. Speaking of expansion, GetFPV and Lumenier began to grow at an incredible rate almost immediately and it wasn’t long before Tim was spending the majority of his time focused on product development for Lumenier and making sure that GetFPV provided the exceptional customer service and product support for which it had become known. FPV Manuals would have to wait. The demand for Tim’s amazing products quickly outgrew his home and in June of 2013, he moved the business into a warehouse. It was this move that allowed the company to really thrive and grow, thus cementing the organization’s position as the world’s leading provider of high-quality FPV gear!

Fast forward to now. FPV Racing Drones are everywhere. Things like multi-year, international broadcast deals with ESPN and nightly features on a variety of primetime news programs are now a reality for the sport. 2016 is going to be huge. Today, as FPV racing continues it’s meteoric rise in popularity, we find that it is still very difficult to track down high-quality, helpful information when getting started in the hobby. With that being said, it is more important than ever to create helpful and well-organized FPV resources accessible to all experience and skill levels. FPV Manuals, GetFPV and Lumenier has been there since the beginning and over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two.

Our goal is to provide you with up-to-date resources and information for a variety of our products as well as helpful tips, tricks and how-to guides to help you get in the air faster and stay in the air longer.

We at FPV Manuals strive to be your one-stop-shop for FPV news, reviews, tips, tricks and event coverage and your feedback is very important to achieving that goal. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and thank you so much for stopping by! We look forward to doing everything we possibly can to help you have fun, enjoy the hobby and maybe learn a thing or two.

The FPV Manuals Team