Ready-to-fly Pro Tricopter Delrin Kits

Due to popular demand, we are now offering fully built Pro Tricopter Delrin Kits. These kits are fully built with all electronics including NX-4008 motors, 18A ESCs, APC Props, Power Distribution Board, wiring, and a KK Board Flight Controller. We are offering this new Ready-To-Fly (“RTF”) Tricopter as we recognize that there are individuals that are looking to use our Tricopter for aerial photography and videography work and need a kit quickly, don’t have the time to build one, or simply don’t have the expertise or desire to do a build. When buying our RTF Tricopter you avoid having to source all of the various pieces of equipment, which will be a big time saver. You will also avoid all the trial and error in doing your first tricopter build. The way pricing works for our RTF kits is that you will be charged all the material costs (“bill of materials” — see below), shipping fees, plus a sourcing, build and tuning fee.

One of our RTF Tricopter builds during test flights and tuning.This build flies for over 28 minutes with 2 3300mah 4s Lipos.

We’ve been getting lots of requests for information about the build fee and we are now publishing our build fee in the below pricing table. Please keep the following in mind when considering our build fee:

  1. The most economical way to get a tricopter is for you to do all the work: sourcing of gear, building, tuning, updating firmware, etc. When you want us to do this work for you, you are consuming our most precious resource: Time.
  2. A RTF version of our tricopter carries a substantial cost for the time consuming effort of sourcing all of the equipment to do the build. In your typical tricopter build, you will likely spend many multiples the time it takes to do the actual build sourcing all the various parts, getting hold of a flight controller, dealing with HobbyKing “sold out” situations, getting a USB loader for the version of the flight controller you got, etc. The sourcing part of our ‘build fee’ is the most substantial portion of the cost. It is the least “fun” part of a build and takes the longest amount of time.
  3. We’ve built, flown, and crashed LOTS of tricopters. We know what works and how it works. While you can invest your own time in learning these things, your time might be more valuable than ours.

Our RTF kits provide you these benefits…

  1. Get a fully built tricopter that is ready to fly. All you need to provide is your RC Receiver (RX) and Transmitter, a 4s Lipo battery with XT-60 or DEANS connector, and any FPV or camera gear you want to add.
  2. All electronics and building material has been sourced for you and the kit professionally built by experienced RC builders.
  3. The KK board has been loaded with the latest tricopter firmware — no need to figure out how to update firmware, install drivers, or buy the right USB loader.
  4. The pots are trimmed to provide stable flight right out of the box.
  5. ESCs have been calibrated.
  6. All props are balanced to provide smooth flight.
  7. We equip our RTF kits with our GoPro mounting pad to reduce vibrations in the recorded picture
Bill Of Materials
Pro Tricopter Delrin Kit$94.991$94.99
NX-4008 Motors$35.993$107.97
18A ESC$15.993$47.97
CCW 10x4.7 APC Props$2.932$5.86
CW 10x4.7 Pusher APC Props$4.391$4.39
GoPro Vibration Pad$15.991$15.99
KK Board$15.001$15.00
Tricopter Power Distribution Board$21.991FREE!
Hitec Servo$35.001$35.00
10mm Poplar Wood Booms (not painted). We suggest 17" long wood.$1.753$5.25
Wiring, Zip Ties, XT-60 Pigtail, Motor Mounting Hardware, etc.$25.001$25.00
Bill-of-Materials Sub-Total$357.97
Within the US$13.491$13.49
Outside the US$45.991$45.99
Build, Sourcing, Tuning Fee$390.00
Within the US$761.46
Outside the US$793.96

The “build fee” covers the sourcing of equipment, doing the build, dialing in your flight controller, and test flying the kit.

All RTF Tricopters are made to order. Expect about 3 weeks for delivery.

If you would like to order a RTF Tricopter, please contact us.